Be Ready if there is a serious Spillage.

Spillages need to be dealt with quickly and effectively. There is also a legal “Duty of Care” obligation to ensure that all companies or organizations are compliant with Environmental along with Health and Safety legislation. It is also essential that there is maximum protection for all employees as well as members of the general public. There are spill response products available designed to clear up spillages.

Spill response products

A Spill Kit Program

All spill response products will have to be audited and monitored regularly across a whole site. This would be expected under current Australian legislation. Stocks and supplies will have to be replenished and checked. Apart from the immediate problem of dealing effectively with a spillage, spillages could have a wider impact.

Emergency Shower Servicing

Once set up these can be forgotten and neglected. But there could be a time when they are needed. An annual inspection is available to ensure that the shower does comply with manufacturing and safety standards. However, the most important consideration will be, that the shower is ready to be used at any time.

Drain Marking

A drain marking system can quickly indicate what could happen if there is a major spillage. It would also be useful if there is a serious storm or flooding. Polluting drains can then be quickly identified. This is an important part of any Environmental Preparedness Service.

There are a variety of different spill response products on offer:

Spill Kit Service

This is a spill kit service that uses a very simple but effective idea. That is to store all the necessary spill kit material in a wheelie bin. They can all be used by one person if necessary.

These are some of the different options available:

  • Absorb Organic Spill Kit: This kit is designed to absorb hydrocarbons along with general liquid spills. It can be used for most paints and solvents but not aggressive acid spillages. This kit is supplied with organic pads, for solvents. Granular absorbents and boons can contain liquids. Use “Absorb Granules” and booms for water absorption and containment but not the pads supplied with this kit.
  • Absorb General Purpose Spill Kit: This is designed to deal with water and solvent based spills. It would be useful in factories, ware houses as well as workshops. This kit contains organic boons and organic granular absorbents as well as general purpose pads.
  • Absorb Oil Only Spill Kit: This is designed specially as anoil spill kit. This will absorb hydrocarbons and oil based liquids. It is not to be used with water. This could be useful in a motor vehicle workshop, for example.
  • Absorb Marine Spill Kit: This is to be used where spills occur on open water such as a marina. This can contain spills of up to 240 litres of pollutants. Along with hydrocarbon pads, this contains special floating booms designed to contain liquid spillages.
  • Absorb Hazchem Spill Kit: All the other spill kits are red. This one is blue for a reason. This is to be only used for hazardous chemicals, for example acids and alkalis.


Please note that spill kit maintenance is important. These kits will need to be checked regularly, and if used, the contents will have the be replaced. All this has to be monitored under current legislation.

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