Fashion Statement with Bowties

There are certain aspects of men’s fashion sense and style that bring an automatic charm, making them look elegant and fashionable. Most of them are just little elements that make such a huge fashion statement. From watches to scarfs, bowties or ties, all are known to bring that magic touch in any outfit. People will always compliment on a good bow tie or a tie when they see one. Today, bowties and ties come in different patterns, designs and colors that make them scream for attention. Above all, customized bowties can also be made depending on the specifications of the client.

customized bowties

For so long, men have associated ties to strictly office work and bow ties to important events such as weddings, but this usually is not the case. A lot of men are not aware of the benefits that come along when one wears a tie:

  • Ties bring that slimming effect. This is because they bring the attention to the middle part of the body.
  • They improve communication simply because they draw attention to the face creating an eye contact.
  • They also boost that professional and classy look in a man. Further studies clearly indicate that men who wear ties are perceived as business-like and more professional.
  • Ties become the focal point of the whole outfit, especially when they have a unique color, pattern or design.
  • Above all, it makes a man look elegant.

Wearing a necktie that incorporates the simple aspects of your corporate logo, can be quite fascinating. When one wears such a bowtie, it simply demonstrates various characteristics such as power, authority and a high level of professionalism. Customized corporate bow ties reflect certain attitudes within the corporate world and culture. They usually reveal certain attributes such as trustworthiness within the workforce.

Apart from this, the logo fraternity bow ties have also become an ‘in-thing’ mostly worn by members of a particular fraternity house. Different fraternity houses have different logos, and wearing them simply shows solidarity as a member of the house. Apart from this, it is also a source of identity; one can simply know your fraternity house just by looking at the logos on your bow tie. Check out Shop 4 Ties.

Types of Bow Ties

A huge percentage of men do not know how to wear a bow tie but no need to worry. You can purchase one of the three types of customized bowtiesdepending on your preference.

  1. The Self-Tie – This is a classical style of the bowtie, which brings out that look when tied. To wear this, you have to know how to tie a bow tie.
  2. Pre-Tied – This is a bowtie, which already has a tied knot and is very easy to wear.
  3. Clip On – You can also order a clip on customized bowties.They have clips behind the knot that are kept directly onto the collar.
The best part is that one can order customized ties and bowties depending on their desired design, color, pattern, etc. You can easily make the brand or logo of your company or school become visible by wearing logo corporate bow ties that have been customized. For more details on custom made ties and bowties for all occasions, you may visit

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