Kia Rio Specials – Drive on Without Worries

Major car makers utilise the various auto shows to make announcements, launch new models and display the latest and improved versions of the existing models. These motor shows or auto fairs are held in many cities and become landmark events for both the car manufacturers and the car-buying public at large. The Paris Motor Show held in October is no exception. Every automobile company of repute had something new on offer. Kia Motors’ Rio model was much in the news as well for all the variations the company is bringing in. If you are looking for Kia Rio specials in Australia, you might find your nearest dealer offering some attractive choices of cars from which you can make your selection.

kia rio specials

Take a Look and Test Drive

The car dealers know how to sell their cars to you. If you enter the showroom that sells the new Kia cars, you will find those gleaming beauties, the Picanto and Rios, Sorentos and Rondos and of course, the Carnivals. Usually, you would have already gathered sufficient information on the model you want to buy. This is based on what you might have read; hearsay from friends and from your own experience driving cars from Kia. What’s more, the dealers would offer you a test drive of the displayed models to make choosing the model easier. Driving it gives you an idea of how the car handles the road, the comfort features and so on.

Cerato for Elegance and Comfort   

The Kia Cerato is a model finding its feet in the Australian market. The average car buyer in the country is quite familiar with what is expected out of a car and the company has tried to address these while making improvements and launching the newer editions. For the record, Cerato can be bought in 2 versions; the hatch version and the sedan version. The engine capacity will be the same across the different versions, but many features will vary.

Look for Offers

Car dealers keep making nice offers around the year to keep the buyers interested. Among the Kia Cerato specials on offer is the free upgrade to auto. When choosing a model, you can pick up the auto transmission car and pay the on road price for a manual edition of the same model. There may be other Kia Rio specials also available with the dealer so it would be best to check other places as well.

You Can Enjoy All Other Benefits

Whether you go in for the Kia Rio specials offer or any other offer from the dealer, there are many benefits of all. Some of these include the 7-year unlimited kilometres warranty which reduces much of your worries. The dealer will also add, for good measure, capped price servicing. This will also go a long way to assure you that there won’t be many surprises when you take the car for servicing down the years.

Buying cars can be fun if the manufacturers make irresistible offers and you can take a test drive, choose the model and all the offers that are available and enjoy driving without any worries.

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