The Hp Designjet Z5600 Postscript Printer Prints With New Extra Bright Red Ink

When you are printing something, you would obviously look for crispness in color. This happens more in case of posters and road signs, and point of purchase signs. These prints have to be taken in bright colors so that they attract attention, rather seize attention. The smart invention by HP, and the addition of the Designjet printer series, including the HP Designjet Z5600 postscript printer, and the Z2600 had already done the magic. Printing high design graphics at low-cost and reasonable ink has been possible now since 2013. But to increase visibility of designs for POP and poster images, the company launched something more interesting, and it’s the new vibrant red ink. The news article dated 24 May’16 by Giuyser on states this information.

Importance of the red color

The red color has a pivotal role to play in the field of posters, banners, flyers, brochures, POP images and anything that relates to advertising. If you are printing something without red, then it’s your choice. But the use of red in combination with white, yellow and black has been the conventional choice since ages just because these combinations click and highlight the red doubly. The pupils of the eyes get more dilated due to the excitement they encounter when seeing the red color. The color is of vibrancy, power, excitement, and thus one of the most-used ink colors in advertisements too.

Since the HP Designjet Z5600 postscript printer and its sibling, the Z2600 are made to print with low ink consumption, thus the red ink which will be doubly bright and visible has also been made with the same technology. The chromatic red ink has triple benefits:

·        It is the brightest and most prominent ink for the Z5600 and HP Designjet Z2600 printer series, thus giving economic quality color prints with extra bright red.

·        It gets used reasonable, thus reducing the consumption of ink than conventional cartridges.

·        It is a low-cost ink which professionals and shops can afford for bulk printing.

The Designjet series

The smartness of the Designjet series, which has two main printers, the Z2600 and the HP Designjet Z5600 postscript printer, is in the eco technology. The technology behind the series is in the smart use of 6 ink cartridges in the printer together to give high quality economic prints, which will consume much less ink than conventional large format or office printers. The reduction in ink consumption was noted to be almost 20 percent in normal conditions. Normally, a printer has two cartridges; one is the black, and another is color. But the Designjet series contains 6 cartridges and now after the addition of the red ink, the printers are even more efficient in giving advertisement poster prints with low ink consumption yet bright-red color. Check out Gom

The high performance Designjet Z5600 for sale is a nice and tempting deal to grab, and you will get some nearby dealers also who would supply the series. If you are planning to set up a shop of your own, and want to use the economic printer series for high quality budget prints in bulk, then you should get the HP Designjet Z2600 for sale in Sydney. This is good for the business owners who wish to be economical, and good for the customers for giving cheap and bright prints.

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