Tips to Reduce Weight on Your Sales Funnel in 2017

It is true that if you own more stuff, you need to invest in time and maintenance. In the end, it looks like the things you own begin to own you. For instance, if you own a good car, you will definitely look for ways to keep it clean and free from damage. The same concept is applicable with your sales funnel. As a business owner, you want to drive traffic, generate leads, and get sales. Your sales funnel needs maintenance and information from relevant websites such as could help you achieve that goal.

Why should you maintain your sales funnel?

It is advisable to maintain your sales funnel because technology and tools change over time. As a business owner, you want to improve your conversion rate. Besides, styles, preferences, and tastes change over time and you want your website to remain sleek, mobile-friendly, and responsive. All the same, various tips exist that you can follow to help you reduce pressure on your marketing funnel. You could get more information about this from reliable websites such as Here are important tips to follow:

Consolidate your e-mail list

Your e-mail lists may include mainly old marketing campaigns and sales funnels. You can install marketing automation software such as Infusionsoft to help you manage the e-mails. For more information on Infusionsoft CRM, try visiting or From the information on such websites, you could learn how to improve your sales and marketing automation. With the relevant software, you could set mechanisms to enable you not to lose a customer.

Why do you consolidate your e-mail list?

With many customers on your contact list, it is difficult to keep an eye on all the information. Consolidating your e-mail list will help you focus on selected contacts that you are able to manage.

Reduce the auto responders

E-mail marketing is an effective means of direct response marketing. When you install marketing and sales automation software such as Infusionsoft, you are able to use it to generate leads, grow conversions, and to build your website.

The first step to getting the most from Infusionsoft is to engage an expert such as Damian Qualter, who can offer effective Infusionsoft training. Remember to update your e-mail auto responders to have only what you can manage.

Prune your blog

If you maintain your content, your website stands higher chances of moving through the ranks. You can do this by putting fresh posts on your blog. Even without writing new content, you could just promote the old content, throw in a few images, and republish. This can earn your website a marked improvement in the search engines. Alternatively, you could also look for content that is irrelevant to your website and unpublish it.

By having relevant and fresh content on your blog, you improve your reputation and your ranking in search engines. Quality content generates traffic and gives you the opportunity to turn visitors into real customers. With these ideas in mind, you could reduce the weight on your marketing channel and experience an improvement in your marketing and sales efforts. For additional information on this, visit

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