Top 5 Trends in the Security Guard Monitoring Systems for 2017

With the rise of home-based entrepreneurial businesses in Australia at an all time high in 2017, making sure you get the best company security guard monitoring system has become the number one priority for businesses across the country. The following article highlights the top 5 trends in security guard monitoring systems globally to keep you, your business and loved ones safe this year.

security guard monitoring system

1. Smart Technology

Smart technology through the security guard monitoring software is being used in 2017. Several advancements have penetrated homes and offices, offering increased security and better surveillance systems for all your needs. By 2022, it is predicted that the home and business security solution market will reach $ 30,293 million. The smart technology offers wireless surveillance so you can monitor your home and business from any part of the world.

2. Home Automation Services

With the rise of Smartphone Apps, you will be able to make life easier by let’s say checking your phone or tablet when the door bell rings, allowing trusted friends or personnel into the premise with the swipe of your phone screen, even if you are not at home. This is where the security guard monitoring system can be of help.

3. Comprehensive Security Packages

In 2017, it is predicted that families will be looking for complete home security solutions. Combining technology such as cameras, garage doors, automated lights and smart locks, keeping track of your family’s well being at home can be made infinitely easier.

4. Accountability, Efficiency & Reduction of Administrative Tasks

By choosing an experienced and reputed security guard monitoring service you will receive specialized business grade staff and facility management systems to collect, organize and present you with necessary data you would require for your business.

By using online security guard monitoring software, you can now bypass administrative employment, where products act as managers to keep track of your staff and asset movements all over the world.

When visiting you will also notice health and disposal monitoring services that can also be monitored through smart technology. Keep your employees safe as well as your company’s data through the same security guard monitoring software. More information brand name: UniGuard

5. Competitive Edge

Video technology might be available all over the world. However, now you can take the advantage of the competitive virtual edge through visual monitoring systems such as pocket drones or remote arming systems that will help in providing a reliable service and acquiring new accounts, while securing existing ones. Security guard monitoring companies in Australia currently offer an advanced range of hardware and software solutions and can also help you network your workforce, while increasing employee performance, productivity and accountability.


With smart home security systems based on centralized control, the cloud network has alleviated the stress of manually monitoring your business and home. From capturing images using your surveillance systems that can be used on demand, security guard monitoring software also ensure low-cost dependability that can be monitored and operated from even the most remote locations.

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