Why Sales of Fountain Pens are Rising

A normal ballpoint pen had begun to kill the existence of the fountain pen. But to the surprise of many people in today’s market, the sales of fountain pens are increasing daily in an enormous way. According to Euromonitor international, the biggest market of the fountain pens is believed to be China whereby sales of fountain pens raised to 341 million US dollars, which is an increase of about 7% as compared to sales in 2014. For many people, a fountain pen has been viewed as an old-fashioned object that reminds many people of back to school days whereby one would fill up their fingers with ink as well as smuggling it on books. That is why a person will find that some people will offer a fountain pen as a gift to a graduate as a way of wishing them good luck in their new work search or job place, and also as a way of reminding them of writing in the old way. In other cases, one will find that a president of a country will not sign a treaty or an executive document with a normal Bic ballpoint pen. Instead, top quality fountain pens are used then.

quality fountain pens

The best definition of a fountain pen
A fountain pen is generally a type of pen that has a reservoir from which ink is filled up and continuously flows to the nib. This type of pen is fantastic for writing and signing of documents since it does not require the exertion of pressure.

Choosing the best fountain pen for you

Good quality fountain pens are those that last for decades. Having a fountain pen in today’s world is seen as a form of luxury. To some other people, owning a fountain pen is a form of symbol and status.  For the ones who have no fountain pen and are planning to acquire one, always follow the guidelines that are provided even on Google search to choosing a fountain pen that is of high-quality and durability. Students in primary school, secondary, or college, are sometimes required to write notes and examinations in ink. Therefore, fountain pen friendly notebooks can be bought and used at this stage. For normal writing purposes, the following characteristics can be considered when choosing quality fountain pens:

ü  Nib Type

A person opts to look at the metal writing lower tip of the fountain pen.

ü  The size of the tip

The size of the tip can determine how wide a line can be drawn. The tip of a fountain pen can be rated from medium, fine, extra fine, broad and wide. Those people that are seen to have very small handwriting are always advised to choose fountain pens that have a fine or extra fine nib while those that have bigger handwriting can choose a nib that is broad or medium in size.

ü  Tip shape

The best-preferred tip type is the one that is in round shape. This is because they can create the same lines in the same direction.

ü  Ink filling system

Checking on the process of refilling a fountain pen is very important. The best fountain pens use a cartridge ink system that is simple and in addition a person can add different colors of ink.

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